Krieg Mania Bloodlust Build -

Mania Bloodlust Krieg, what is the best build? Not a fan of hellfire, so I want to go Bloodlust as my second tree. I'm currently level 32, here is my current build. []Put one point in the Bloodlust tree to gain bonuses from Bloodlust stacks. Then focus on the Mania tree. []Get Fuel the Rampage as early as possible. Delete it once you have Release the Beast. []Shoot with your guns and don’t try to stay always in melee range. []Don’t be economical with your Slag Transfusion grenades. 07/08/2019 · Introduction Good day, everyone, and welcome to my first post on the Gearbox Forums! This is the build I’m currently running for general mobbing, and it’s an effective build if used properly. It has a bit more Hellborn than most Bloodlust/Mania Krieg builds, but with the extra 8 points, it’s not only possible, but also quite effective. [Discussion] Equipment for Mania/Bloodlust Krieg build? self.Borderlands2 submitted 1 year ago by vimp_ I'm currently working on a lvl 54 Psycho, completely filled up the Mania skill tree and now branching over to the Bloodlust skill tree no pun intended. Bloodlust is the first of Krieg's three skill trees. The Bloodlust tree focuses on ranged combat, and getting Bloodlust Stacks to improve his skills. His other two skill trees are Mania and Hellborn. Krieg's Bloodlust tree focuses almost exclusively on increasing the utility of Bloodlust stacks.

What are some good Hellborn/Bloodlust builds? I was running the Mania skills for most of my time playing as krieg, but I want to try something new. 4 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. OP4 krieg here. I like going down mania/bloodlust better than partially into hellborn. I prefer it because with the same spec I can do 2 different builds depending on the situation being melee focused or fastball focused just by switching coms and relics. 14/08/2013 · Here I'll list some of the essential skills to the build, and how many points I feel should be put into them. These are recommended to keep Hellborn Maniac strong, while the rest of the skills can be distributed however you'd like. Feed the Meat Feed The Meat is one of the the first two skills in Krieg's Mania.

Category page for Krieg Character Builds. Please note that builds are not articles a must therefore be a subpage of user namespace a talkpage available to UCs also a forum A template may be available shortly after release date. Until then please use.txt notation and/or tables. 02/09/2019 · These are older videos featuring previous versions of this build: 1. Description: Dealing gun and elemental damage, get the most out of specific gear, don’t rely on the action skill and look like a badass who never dies! Krieger is the German term for warrior. Krieg is the German term for war.

A guide/build for Krieg the Psycho for Level 61 or 72. This is about the most efficient Krieg melee play style. It's a DPS build focusing on Buzz Axe Rampage and explosive damage. This guide includes different builds: a few for general gameplay and the others for boss fights.

My build is a high risk, high reward kind of build. I really make use of mania's depleted shield bonuses with the Rough Rider shield. Also, I tend to hit RtB very often with this build, even using the RtS/RR side efect not sure if it is a glitch or not really to revive a partner while depleting my heath to RtB.

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